Best of TANZANIA, Kenya and Uganda trekking areas

Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya and The Rwenzoris. These are the East African giants which provide quality trekking.                   There are many other interesting areas available for the avid trekker. You simply can go for a short trekking experience and or for a longer adventure trek.                                                                                                                                                             Just South of the Equator at a distance of 330km lies the highest free standing volcanic mountain in the world - The Kilimanjaro - The highest point is UHURU PEAK - 5895m. Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro is like taking a safari from the Equator to the Arctic. In principal there are 5 clearly distinguishable vegetation zones namely; the montane forests, the heather, the moorland, the alpine desert and the summit zone crowned by ancient glaciers. Each zone supports a different kind of flora and fauna.                                              Nyika Treks has been leading treks on this mountain since 1995. Our success climb rate is good. All this is due to good work from our professional guides, proper climb arrangements, motivated support team, good food for the trekkers and quality trekking gears.                                                                                                                                                                                    The trek to the Peak up and down takes from 5 to 6 days on Marangu and Rongai Routes, 6 to 7 days  on the other routes.           The trek is best attempted during Tanzania's dry seasons - June through September and January through March. You still can climb in November and December during the short rains season with accompanying pleasant weather and good visibility. Anybody who is reasonably fit can do the trek.                                                                                                                                             Nyika will lead you on equally interesting treks on Mt. Meru (the 5th highest in Africa standing at 4566m above sea level); and  lead you on a short but strenuous trek of  Mt  Ol'Doinyo L'Engai - 2878m high (an active volcano). You can't miss the easy but equally interesting trek of the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater Highlands.                                                                                    Across the borders, Nyika  will professionally organize your trek and or climb on Mt Kenya (5199m asl) and the Rwenzoris (5109m asl) to the best of your expectations. Our guides are a bright and an enthusiastic team to work with.

Kindly Choose a Trek  and enquire for  Itineraries, Tour  Notes and Prices.

 Accommodation during the trek - Mountain Huts fitted with bunk beds. Considered much easier trek to the peak. May be recommended to the elderly trekkers.
Accommodation during the trek - Camping throughout the trek. Demands physically fit trekkers.  All Camping gears are provided.                                                                        3) LEMOSHO ROUTE - 6 TO 7 DAYS TREK;
Accommodation during the trek - Camping throughout the trek. All Camping gears are provided.
Accommodation during the trek - Camping throughout the trek.                                              All camping gears are provided.                                                                                      Treks ratings - moderate to strenuous.

MT. MERU:                                                                                                       MOMELLA ROUTE;3 TO 4 DAYS TREK.                                                                          With possible tour of the Momella lakes and Ngurdoto Crater on a 4 Days trek.  Accommodation during the trek - Mountain Huts fitted with bunk beds.                               Treks rating - moderate

MT. Ol'DOINYO L'ENGAI  TREK.                                                                             Ngarasero Route;2 DAYS CLIMB                                                                           Accommodation during the trek - Camping one night at the base.                                          Trek rating - strenuous.     

Ngorongoro CRATER HIGHLANDS TREK;                                                          BULATI ROUTE; 5 - 7 DAYS TREK.                                                                      Accommodation during the trek - Camping throughout the trek. All camping gears are provided.  On this trek we use donkeys to carry all supplies instead of porters. The trek itinerary may include the climb of Mt Ol'Doinyo L'Engai at the end.                                    Trek Ratings - easy.

Other Interesting Trekking Areas:                                                                         Usambara and Pare Mountains; Monduli Maasailand.                                                These treks can go for 1 and up to 7 days. Areas of trek include villages, forests and savanna woodlands with good possibility of seeing different wild animals.                                   Accommodation; Camping.  All camping gears are provided.                                               Trek Ratings - easy. 
KENYA                                                                                                                  MT.KENYA:                                                                                                                       1) SIRIMON - CHOGORIA ROUTE; 5 DAYS TREK                                                               2) SIRIMON - NAROMORU ROUTE; 5 DAYS TREK                                                         Accommodation during the trek - Camping/ huts.                                                                  All camping gears are provided.                                                                                       Trek Ratings -  moderate to strenuous.
UGANDA                                                                                                                        The Rwenzoris Treks.                                                                                                   IBANDA ROUTE - On the Ugandan Side; 4 - 11 DAYS WITH OPTIONAL ATTEMPTS TO SCALE DIFFERENT PEAKS ALONG THE TRAIL.                                                                              Point Margherita on Mount Stanley is the highest Peak at 5109m above sea level.                   This trek may include an extension to Bwindi National Park to view the mountain gorillas.      Accommodation during the trek - Camping or huts. All camping gears are provided.               Trek Ratings -  moderate to strenuous.

....'excellent team made our climb to the top possible'..  Petty Leung.            Applied Weather Technology ~   Hong Kong

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