TARANGIRE N. PARK    

Close to Arusha, 118 km away. Tarangire National Park gets its name from the river that threads its way through the length of the Park.

Tarangire has a wild beauty, similar to the parks in Southern Tanzania.  There are spectacular baobab trees, abundant elephant and wildlife and even an occasional doum palm tree. 


The  river lures animals to it's banks during the dry season, making it one of the best places to visit during the dry months of August through December.  Elephants dig in the drying river bed for water and thirsty migrants are plentiful: wildebeest, zebra, eland, hartebeest, oryx, giraffe and buffalo can be seen at the pools. Tarangire is also home to about 550 species birds....

Nyika  will give you more than one full day of quality game drives to enjoy Tarangire during the best visit times. Sunrise and sunset game drives are included. Walking Safaris and  Night game drives from Oliver's Luxury Tented  Camp and Kikoti's Luxury Tented Camp can be arranged. Allow 1 days minimum.     

Environment: Acacia and mixed woodlands. An exceptional association of acacia tortilis and baobab trees  has become synonymous with the name Tarangire.  Dense vegetation and elephant grass environments along the permanent Tarangire River.  Freshwater pools and swamplands in the Southern Tarangire attract hippos and abundant bird life.

     ARUSHA  N. PARK                      A jewel of a park within one hour of drive from Arusha town, this little gem is divided into three distinct areas. Ngurdoto crater, Momella lakes and Mount Meru. The black and white Colobus monkey is the mascot of the park and can be seen in all seasons.  With the exception of lions and rhinoceros, you will see all kinds of wildlife and hundreds of different species of  birds. Large flocks of flamingos paint the lake shores pink.  Hide-outs have been created for observation. The park is ideal for a day excursion after your long flight to Africa. Nyika  will arrange a very interesting 'leg stretcher' walking safari for you in the park, taking in the forest area up to the magnificent  Meru crater. The walk is non strenuous. An  armed park ranger will lead the group for safety. The walk will be followed by a game drive to visit the 7 Momella lakes and the Ngurdoto crater.  On clear days magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen from almost any part of the park. 
Environment: The formation of Mt. Meru and Ngurdoto crater are a result of volcanic activity 15 to 20 million years ago.  The park rises from about 1400m at the gate up to 4,565m  at the summit of Mt. Meru and includes forest, swamps, open woodlands, alkaline lakes and lava desert at the highest elevations.

 Nyika  arrange and lead fully supported 3 to 4 days Climb of Mt Meru - 4565 metres high at the peak.


Tanzania has one of the largest elephant populations in the World, and most of them live in the Selous Game Reserve.   The Selous is the largest game reserve in Africa and the second largest on the planet!  Nyika will take you to this pristine World Heritage Site, a great place for a safari because it's also home to most  of every kind of East African animal including wild dog, plenty of hippos and crocos, along the meandering Rufiji river.



If you go to the Selous you will experience wild Africa the way it is meant to be seen.  You will not see dozens of other safari vehicles because less than 3,000 tourists visit the reserve each season. Our Safari itinerary will take you to Stigler's Gorge - the turbulent confluence of the Ruaha and Rufiji rivers, Lake Tigalala - site of crystal clear waters and hot springs, and to panoramic views of African woodlands. A walking safari at Lake Tigalala area and a  boat safari in the mighty Rufiji river is part of your very exciting adventure in the Selous.

Environment: 54390 sq.km of varied terrain including savannah and miombo woodlands, grassy plains, and rock outcrops cut by sand streams. The land South of the Rufiji River is an extremely remote section of African bush and mostly inaccessible to all but the most determined traveler.  North of the Rufiji are the luxury tented camps, a collection of lakes and Stigler's Gorge.  
Nyika  operate an interesting Safari package to; The Selous and Udzungwa Mountains.                                          

8 safari days for this circuit. Start and finish in Dar es Salaam. Possible extension to Ruaha N Park makes a 13 days adventure trip.

                              RUAHA N. PARK; MAFIA MARINE PARK AND THE CHIMPS AT MAHALE                                                          

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