MAHALE NATIONAL PARK        Mahale N. park ( area  1613sq.km) is a tremendous wilderness area. Located about 128km South of Kigoma town the park is the best known sanctuary for the chimpanzees in World. Your  journey   to Mahale will take you to one of the most remote areas in Tanzania. The park is accessible by speed boat or by  small chartered plane only. Mahale is a wilderness experience for the intrepid traveler and of course anyone who enjoys remote places. Like Gombe Stream, Mahale  is home to some of the last surviving wild Chimpanzees in the World, over 700 of them. 

Six peaks make up the rugged  Mahale Mountains overlooking Lake Tanganyika, the 2nd deepest (1470m) lake in the World.  Lake Tanganyika  has an extraordinary variety of fish, much of it unique, it holds at least 300 species of cichlid  fish and 6 non-cichlid species. Environment: The Mahale Mountains run along a peninsula jutting into the Eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika.  The highest peak, Nkungwe, is 2460 meters high and dominates the landscape.  The western foothills are lowland forests while the Eastern slopes are drier woodland.  High on the six peaks, above 2000 meters you will find montane and bamboo forests. The fauna of Mahale can be classified into three types according to the original homeland of the species involved; tropical rain forest animals such as chimpanzees, red Colobus, Angolan  black and white Colobus, giant forest squirrels, and blue duikers, savanna animals such as Lions, Grant's zebras, warthogs, and Giraffes, and species endemic to Miombo forest such as roan antelopes, sable antelopes, and Lichtenstein hartebeest.             Nyika operate a 6 days Safari to Mahale. Luxury or standard accommodation.                                     Start and finish in Dar es salaam. Fly to Kigoma and back. 

   MAFIA ISLAND MARINE PARK       Mafia is a large island lying off the southern coast of Tanzania, near to the Rufiji Delta. It is about 48km long from the northern tip the south, and 16km wide. Mafia is a raised portion of the continental shelf, not a coral island.   The soil of Mafia is mostly sandy and the terrain very flat. There is a ridge forming a backbone to the northern end but at its highest point it does not exceed 61m above sea level. Along this ridge there is firm and fertile clay soil and cultivation of annual crops is possible.                                         Mafia Island is the site of Tanzania's first Marine Park which was gazetted in 1995.                               Environment; The Park covers an area of 822 sq.km. This is roughly the southern half of the island and part of the north-east area. This is the largest marine protected area in the Indian ocean. The area included within the boundaries of the Park is one of the most important marine habitats in the world. It has rich mangroves forests, sea-grass beds, coral reef complexes  mostly in intact conditions, inter-tidal reef flats, lagoons and coastal forest. Two species of sea turtles use the beaches as nesting grounds. The areas has been recognized internationally as a critical site for biodiversity. The marine and forest resources in the Park are subject to sustainable exploitation by the local people who live within the park boundaries. This exploitation is under the Park management. Most of these are traditional  communities  in the small islands of Juani, Chole and Jibondo.                                          Our 5 days tour of Mafia island and the Marine Park is full of activities and fun. Mafia is the island to relax on secluded silver sand beaches and let the time pass by and  or go out on discovery of new  cultures and creatures. The tour will include sea excursions (sailing), and snorkeling in the azure blue waters of the Indian ocean using traditional Dhows, A day of cultural interaction with the Swahili people; will include boat ride into small islands south of Mafia to visit  the village. Scuba diving and scuba courses on request. nature walks, birds and camping out. Luxury or standard accommodation.                             Start and finish in Dar es Salaam.          

   RUAHA NATIONAL PARK      Ruaha National Park is the second largest in Tanzania and is a pristine and untouched wilderness visited by few.  Unchanged throughout the centuries, the park covers an area of about 13,000 sq.km  Ruaha is named after the great river that flows along the Eastern boundary of the park. Your adventure to Ruaha will  center around the great river where crocodiles bask, hippos frolic and clawless otters search for minnows.  Many animals come here to drink and you will see reed buck, waterbuck and buffalo.  leopard, lion, jackal, spotted hyena and African hunting dogs also haunt the waterways. Beautiful antelopes can also be seen; the roan antelope,  Lesser Kudu and greater kudu and others.

 Ruaha is a major stop over for Northern and Southern migrant birds. Eurasian migrant birds visit Ruaha in October.                                         Let Nyika  take you to one of the more inaccessible and wild areas of our beautiful country where you can enjoy Africa as it was meant to be, undisturbed and pristine.                    Our 8 days safari  include 2 days at Udzungwa Mts. Park and the rest of the time at Ruaha. The beautiful Udzungwa Mountains are located just South of Mikumi National park in the highlands overlooking Iringa.  Many endemic plants and animals live in the forests waiting for you to discover them. More than 20% of the plant species found in Udzungwa are found nowhere else and there are two monkeys endemic to the area:  the Sanje crested mangabey and the Uhele red Colobus monkey.        Environment: Ruaha is bordered to the North by the Kizigio and Rungwa game reserves. Treeless grasslands, Miombo woodlands and evergreen forests cover this untouched wilderness.                                  Accommodation in Luxury Tented Camp or standard (wilderness camping).  Start and finish in Dar es salaam.   


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