Safari and Trek Services

Nyika Safari Experts based in Head offices in Arusha Tanzania, will take care of all of your safari requirements including planning, travel, meet and greet services at the airports, hotels and transfers, safari lodges accommodation bookings and tours. We have several scheduled safaris which cover carefully selected wildlife Parks in relation to wildlife migration and seasons. Accommodation arrangements on these safaris are classified from exclusive or high class lodges and luxury tented camps, down to the standard (budget) camping level.  If you have special interests, the  experts will work out a tailor- made safari of your own choice  and just for you.                                                  Are you traveling with kids? disabled person and or the elderly, you are  certainly assured of soft hands to handle all these matters at Nyika.

Support Facilities:                                                                                                      With the modern technology and fast world pace, our offices are equipped with fast internet computers for ease of work and you can speak directly with an expert on your particular holiday/safari requirements. You will not be delayed.         

Safari Vehicles:                                                                                                        Nyika is supported by a small fleet of modern 4WD Safari vehicles. We have Toyota Landcruizers and Landrovers 110 that are very ideal for safaris as they can tackle any terrain. These vehicles are well maintained by qualified mechanics and are driven by  experienced driver/guides. Each vehicle carry  quick fix repair tools and spare parts essential for the safari. Fitted with popup top, clients have access to 360 degrees of game viewing and photographing. 

Our standard safari vehicles seat 5 people each with a window seat. Meanwhile the extended long base safari vehicles seat 7 passengers each with a window seat.             The positioning of the seats provide ample leg room and a relaxed seating posture. Each seat has a safety seat belt.  A small  roof-rack is fitted for your light safari  gears. Extra bags can be left behind in your hotel luggage rooms. Chilled soft drinks are served from the on board  cooler box. Tanzania  is now well covered by cell phone networks. The driver/guides have cell phones for bush - base contact. A few wildlife books are on board for refs during game drives. You'll be able to recharge your digitals from the vehicle  converter power supply unit or at the lodge and some of the campsites.  You are assured of a safety drive in these comfortable yet tough safari jeeps.   Camping gears; From specious all weather walk-in tents to camping beds and chairs. All items are carefully chosen for your maximum comfort while on safari/trek. 

Mountain Guides;                                                                                     Our mountain trekking guides are well trained  and have successfully lead many  expeditions. All of them speak good English and some other international languages and are officially licensed. Each trekking/climbing group comprises of 5 participants lead by 2 qualified guide and 1 assistant guide. This is a comfortable number to manage during a climb, as the guides  can quickly respond to  emergence calls from any of the trekking members.

Fully Supported treks;                                                                                               Nyika  will send to you a complete parking list for  your personal trekking gears.  The rest is taken care by us. We provide comfortable sleeping mats and special tents for different treks; Light airy tents for the Ngorongoro  Crater Highlands treks; heavy duty mountain tents on the Kilimanjaro and Mt. Ol'Doinyo L'Engai climbs. The guide/assistant guide, the head porter and cook are equipped with mobile phones and standby fully charged extra batteries. Specialized trekking  cooks  will provide healthy and delicious meals to the team including the supporting staff. We also carter for vegetarians. 

Evacuations services;                                                                                                   Nyika works with the INTENSIVE CARE AIR AMBULANCE (ICAA).                                       ICAA’S flight medical crew comprises of flight physicians and flight nurses who are in practice Intensive Care Specialists….. flight medical crew, together with in-flight life support equipment, and drugs, plus fully disposable one-use-only consumables, make up a truly integrated intensive care environment in the confines of aircraft cabin. ICAA will evacuate you in any part of Tanzania. Enquire for details.

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