Tanzania offer the traveler over a dozen National Parks, Game Reserves and Conservation areas to explore. More than 25% of the land is protected for this purpose. The famous Northern Circuit is well known for the Ngorongoro      Crater and The Serengeti National Park.  A journey to the South and out West can be just as exciting with a visit to Selous Game Reserve or Mahale and Gombe Stream National Park. Nyika will take you out of the beaten track. 

  LAKE MANYARA N. PARK          Located in the Rift Valley, (125km from Arusha) at the base of the Great Escarpment, Lake Manyara Park is a picturesque little park that is perfect to start with on your long wildlife  safari in Tanzania. The Park has 5 distinct vegetation zones each supporting very interesting flora and fauna.

Our long safari schedules include a day in this park  incorporating a sunset game drive. We bring  picnic lunch to enjoy on the peaceful shores of the lake.  Manyara is one of the best places for birding as it is home to over 350 species of birds. You will also be entertained by elephants, dancing giraffes  and an orchestra of  baboons in the forests and hippos at the lake.                               Near the entrance of the Park is the eclectic village of Mto wa Mbu - "Mosquito Creek".  Many local tribes have used this area for trading over the last two centuries and it is one of the only places on the continent where you can hear four major language groups - Bantu, Nilotics, Cushitic, and Khoisan.      Nyika Treks operate cultural tours in this area, including a visit to a Maasai villages, a local brewery, and farms.      Environment:  390sq km, two thirds of which is occupied by the shallow, alkaline lake. Water drains down the Rift Valley Escarpment  and feeds the lush ground water forests on the valley floor.  Here you will find giant fig and mahogany trees hosting numerous monkeys and elephants.  The landscape opens up into Acacia woodlands as you approach the shores of the lake. 

   SERENGETI  N. PARK                       The Serengeti is Tanzania's most fascinating Game Park and is widely known for its dense population of wildlife.  This is the park that everyone comes to Tanzania to see and it lives up to its reputation.  It is impossible to visit the Serengeti and not see a lion.  You can camp out under the stars or stay in five star luxury.  Whatever type of Serengeti safari you can imagine, Nyika Treks can take you there. The name Serengeti evolved from the Maasai name siringet, which means, endless plains.  Within her  boundaries are more than three million large mammals.  About 35 species of plains animals can be seen here including the so called “big five”  - elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo. The park is also famous for its 400 plus  species of birdlife, both migrant and resident.        The  great wildebeest migration takes place in Serengeti every year.  Nyika Treks  schedule enough time to explore the Serengeti and her enshrouded magic.  Come! and witness the wildebeest  calving. 'You've never seen something like this before'. New golden colored calves just everywhere. and the unison calling sound of  anxious  mothers is awesome.      Environment: Over 14,763 square km of uninterrupted beauty, ranging from dry grasslands in the south, the landscape changes to acacia woodlands and savanna as you travel north.  In the west lies wooded highlands merging with lush grasslands where the rainfall is twice that of the South and where the Grumeti and Mara rivers flow. Magnificent rock  out crops called kopjes look like islands in the sea of green  grass. Look out for lions or the shy leopard lazing out on the rocks.  Take a balloon safari!


   Ngorongoro Crater                  The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest perfect caldera on the planet, over 18 kilometers across, 750 meters deep and covering 260 square kilometers.  It lies in the heart of the Ngorongoro Conservation area, a World Heritage Site which covers more than 8,292 sq km. It is bounded by Lake Eyasi in the southwest and the Gol Mountains in the North. The area contains active volcanoes.. Mt Ol Doinyo L'Engai, archaeological sites.. The Olduvai Gorge, rolling plains, forests, lakes, dunes and woodlands. Our safaris  include a full day or more of game drives in the Crater and a visit to Olduvai Gorge (optional). The crater is the most spectacular place to visit in the Northern Tanzania Tourist Circuit . Home to the endangered black rhinoceros, the garden of 'Eden'. .., is abounding in wildlife; gazelles, buffalos, elands, hartebeests, big cats, huge elephants and seasonal visits of flamingo flocks.

 Come with us on an adventure, donkey supported walking safari in the  crater  highlands  and  climb    Mt. Ol'Doinyo L'Engai.                   Environment: The Conservation Area covers over 8,292 sq.km encompassing a variety of habitats including lake shore, swamp, semi desert area with a interesting single sand dune,  rain forests and plains. You will find mountains, treeless rolling hills and volcanic craters. The famous Ngorongoro Crater accounts for a mere 3% of the Conservation area. Empakaai crater on the North  is decorated by an awe inspiring volcanic crater lake. A mastery work of the Creator. A must see


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