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Let Nyika show you a side of Africa that most travelers never see.  Meet the tribes. Visit a village and see a school Experience the warm hospitality of the African people. There is much more to Tanzania than wildlife. There are 120 different tribes, each with their own language, culture and traditions.  If you are coming to Tanzania to see wildlife, why not also take a little time to discover the interesting and diverse people that   co-exist in this wild and untamed African landscape.                                                                                                                                                             You will  actively participate in cultural events, take part in conservation projects which are run by local communities. Nyika  naturalist experts will lead you on eco-tours on selected subjects, e.g. birding, caving, traditional fishing, Makonde carving art, Tinga Tinga fine art, traditional dancing, rock art paintings tours, speleo and many other activities.

Kindly Choose a tour and enquire  For  Itineraries, Tour  Notes and Prices.

CULTURAL TOURS TOURS:-                                                                                            Tour Summary;                                                                                                               Duration; 3 to 7 days                                                                                                      Accommodation; - Standard Camping. Fully supported Camping. hostels and lodges      Northern Tanzania; Local Tribes; The Hadzabe (Bushmen) and the Tatoga tribes of Lake Eyasi basin, The Maasai people at Monduli villages and the Pare people at Usangi village.                    The Ndorobo tribe at Kitwai villages.  And the Sambaa people of Usambara mountains.              Southern Tanzania; The Makonde and Chinga tribes at Makonde plateau and The Swahili people along the Coast and the Islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.                                 Activities ; cultural interaction, carving lessons, traditional hunting using bows and arrows only. medicinal plants identification, iron smith lessons, local dances and village hikes. Adventure camel rides in the Maasai savanna woodland.                                                                                     Music Festival in Zanzibar; The SAUTI ZA bUSARA FESTIVAL.                                      Add ons; Visit to Historical sites, Wildlife safari and beach holiday ....

NATURE TRAILS, Horse riding, Rock Art painting tours and Caving (speleo):         Tour Summary;                                                                                                      Duration; 3 to 10 days                                                                               Accommodation; - Standard Camping; Hostels and lodges.                                          Northern Tanzania; Endemic flora and fauna; Usambara Mountains; Amani Nature Reserve and Masumbae Forest areas; Rock Art paintings at Kondoa Irangi area. Horse riding at Ndarakwai Farm area;                                                                                                                             Southern Tanzania; Udzungwa Mts for nature trails and Kilombero River basin for traditional fishing. Cave expeditions/explorations at Matumbi Hills Kilwa area. Visiting Historical sites at Kilwa area.                                                                                                                                    Activities; Nature trails walking; plants and insects identification; endangered wildlife sporting; birding; View Rock Art paintings at Kondoa Irangi; Caving at Matumbi Hills- Nangoma Caves and others. (speleology).                                                                                                           Add ons; Wildlife safari, Mountain treks, beach holiday and scuba diving.

TRADITIONAL AFRICAN DANCES;                                                                                 Tour Summary;                                                                                                       Duration; 15 to 30 days plus                                                                            Accommodation; - Hostels and lodges. Home stays in the villages during training sessions.                                                                                                                Tanzania; Selected Tanzanian Tribes who  are famous for their traditional dances.          Activities:- Dancing courses/lessons as offered by the Bagamoyo College of  Arts at Bagamoyo Town and at the Village museum in Dar es salaam.                                                                   Living in the villages with the locals during training.                                                                 Add on; Wildlife safari, Mountain treks, beach holiday.

GEMSTONES TOURS AND ROCK HOUNDS Tanzania;                                                        Tour Summary;                                                                                                       Duration; 10 to 15 days                                                                                        Accommodation; - Standard Camping; Hostels and lodges.                                     Merelani Tanzanite mines, River Umba Travorite and sapphire mines, rhodolites and other garnets at several other locations.                                                                              Activities; Open cast mining on alluvial deposits. On the sport mining lessons followed by real action. You will be allocated your own site to dig for the gemstones. Each group will have one local assistants to help. Rocks and specimen collection.                                                              Expert guided  rough and cut Gemstones buying from licensed dealers  at the end of the tour.       Practical gemstones cutting. You will cut your own stones collected from your site.                   Add ons; Wildlife safari, Mountain treks and beach holiday.

....'amazing trip, had everything even volcano eruptions of Mt. L'Engai.               Well recommended.  Robert Shaw and Megan Du Boison. London

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